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Free Arts of Arizona's mission is to heal abused and homeless children through the arts. The goal of the website redesign was to give Free Arts a modern website that put their creative work front and center.  

I lead the creative direction and designed the website

FreeArts of Arizona Process
FreeArts of Arizona Process

The FreeArts website needed to put the kids artwork and the work of volunteers front and center. We drew inspiration from museums, the performing arts, and design-forward content platforms. The color palette is intentionally playful; grounded by bold typography that tells the story of the impact FreeArts makes in the community.

Free Arts of Arizona Homepage

Both the website and content is responsive, flexing into the optimal experience as users visit the website on different devices.

Free Arts of Arizona Website
Free Arts Mobile Mockups

One (of many) of my favorite features of this website is the flexible CTA system that can be included on any page. We even created a 4th CTA (not shown) that is completely customizable.

FreeArts Call to Actions

Two internal page types were designed. The first: a long form, content pillar with a customizable full-width scroller. The second: a more traditional page with custom sidebar. 

Free Arts Internal Pages

The kid's actual artwork is curated into galleries available for rent to local businesses. To help promote awareness of this unique service, we set out to create a digital gallery that makes it easy to see all the artwork as a cohesive exhibition.

Free Arts Galleries


Kirsten Markson - Campaign and Content Strategy
Lizelle Galaz - Graphic Designer

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