Highway Twenty partnered with The Arizona Humane Society to create a responsive website and digital design system that improves the user experience, appeals to their modern brand, and is easy for them to maintain on their own.

I set the art direction for the project and designed the website.

HT team working on AHS sitemap
HT Content Architecture

Arizona Humane's existing brand assets were translated into a systematic digital experience. The site embraces bold imagery and playful, yet meaningful uses of color. Related content and smart calls to action encourage the user to explore and form a deeper connection with the brand.

AZH Mobile
AHS Adopt a Dog
AHS Adopt a Dog
AZ Humane Society Mockup

Arizona Humane has a ton of content, so we thoughtfully reworked their sitemap and created mega menus for the navigation to ensure important pages didn't get buried.

Mega Menu - Navigation
Arizona Humane Event Page Template
AHS Single Page

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