Hance Park is an urban park in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. As a physical landmark, the park serves as the gateway to Downtown Phoenix. Divided by Central Avenue, the part naturally is divided into two unique sections. The mark for the park is meant to represent this.

I designed the logo, set the creative direction for the brand system, and collaborated with our team to build the website.

Hance Park Branding Process
Hance Park Logo Sketches
Hance Park Logo Options

A nod to the parks' monogram, H, is also implied.

Hance Park Logo
Hance Park Color Options

The mark itself is meant to take on a variety of visual layers. Furthermore, the words inside the mark transition effortlessly to allow for extensions of the Hance Park brand.

Hance Park Logo in the Clouds
Hance Park Conservancy
Hance Park Website
About Hance Park
Hance Park Stationary
Hance Park Tote
Hance Park Brand Pattern
Hance Banner

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